Collecting User Feedback

Why Collect?

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How with a mobile or web application?

Question was, how do we intend on collecting user feedback?

For CaughtUp (Android, iOS, and web app) We plan on having a button that navigates to our website which will have an embedded Google Form for user feedback. We’re using Google forms for convenience. You can have email notifications when someone fills up a form and having the data in spreadsheet format makes it easier to manage. Navigation to our website is considered so we can change the Google Form anytime.

In the future we’ll probably move to having a built in form in the app and just write their feedback to our database. This way we can also capture the app version the user has. This also makes sure that the person actually is a user of the our service and isn’t taking advantage of our public feedback website. The down part of having a built in feedback section is that we’ll have to retrieve and organize the data manually from the database. But, eventually we will need this.