Customer Experience

“You want to be able to design with intentionality. THink about the customer journey from literally the moment that they see the sign on the street and what the logo and the sign says, to what gets them into the parking lot…”

“They wanted to change the perception of a quick service restaurant. So one of the things that they wanted to do was to create a restaurant where they pulled some ideas from fast casual industry… They are trying to make it seem like their food is also good for you and a lot of that comes down to presentation. Its the same food, same fries, same hamburger. But if we present it, not only in a packaging way, thats different. But also we literally presented it to the customer from a service standpoint then the perceived value of that meal goes way up. And that’s really what Wendy’s is tying to do with this new restaurant.”

“THe core product hasn’t really changed”

They all look the same because they are all trying to get the same type of customer.